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Our Catering Service massively caters to a diversity of occasions with our Live Counters caught on fire to prepare the most delicious and fresh food servings ever cooked. A pool of various functions may include Marriage Occasions, Receptions, Kitty Parties, Birthday Parties and several other Personal-to-Social Gatherings.

Food served by us will certainly be a great innovation in flavors adapting to distinct taste buds & cultural perceptions in line with the client base being attended. Live Food Dishes prepared at parties will strictly be taken care of best Quality and Hygiene. Our client base includes leading restaurants and hotels incorporating a very wide spectrum of food serving industries and groups of caterers as well.

Our Live Food Dishes Will Involve:

  • Live Dhokla
  • Live Khaman
  • Live Fafda & Jalebi
  • Live Ganthiya & Jalebi
  • Live Counters (Khaman, Dhokla, Patra, Khandvi etc.)
  • Live Navtad Samosa
  • Live Chinese samosa
  • Live Handvo
  • Live Dahi Khaman
  • Live Green Fry Khaman
  • Live Tum – Tum Khaman
  • Live Masala Khaman
  • Live Falafel Balls

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